• Hands-on Demonstrations

  • Sensory Activities

  • Small Class Sizes

  • Literature Integration

Fun topics

  • Life Cycles

  • Oceans

  • Animals

  • Human Body

  • Universe

  • Habitats

  • So Much More! 

About Creative Learners

At a Creative Learners session, expect your little one(s) to LOVE learning in a fun, safe, and patient environment. All materials and supplies are provided with the class fee; all sessions are inclusive of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, & math); and are taught by a Ph.D. in education. Adults (yes: dads, grandmas, and nannies are welcome!) must stay with the child to assist with some activities.

Creative Learners

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  • All Abilities Welcome
  • Adults Must Stay with Learners
  • Private Group Sessions Available
  • Birthday Party Activities Available

Advance sign-up

Due to material preparation and supplies purchasing, advance sign-ups are required. Learn more about each session and sign up here

Spring 2017 Topics

Water Cycle

Shapes & Sizes

Our Earth




​Tide Pools

​The Sun

​Sea Turtles

​Community Helpers




The Forest


Moon & Stars

Human Body